Cover Drive: 'Bajan Style' Album Review

Did the album live up to its high expectations?

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Cover Drive: 'Bajan Style' Album Review

Bajan band Cover Drive have previously described some of their biggest influences as No Doubt and Black Eyed Peas and it's clear after listening to their debut album 'Bajan Style', that in terms of the whole Fergie/Gwen Stefani female lead, 21 year old Amanda Reifer couldn't be picked to play a better role!

Amanda has a pretty rare quality in the fact that she has the ability to flip from a ballad, such as their chart topper 'Twilight', to a slightly sassier 'Rihanna style' track, such as debut single 'Lick Ya Down'.

The tracks that stand out the most have to be title track 'Bajan style' - which definitely shows off the bands Barbados roots, and another slightly more upbeat track 'Headphones', which emphasises the bands' musical ability and raw talent.

With lyrics such as 'Boy I want to put you on repeat, you will be the bass of my heartbeat...', it's easy to compare Amanda to fellow Bajan beauty Rihanna - however, this band definitely have their own sound and the album has some sure fire, catchy hits!

Job well done.

Check out the video for Cover Drive's 'Sparks' below: