What Will Kate Middleton Wear On Her Canadian Trip?

We investigate what the Duchess of Cambridge might pack...

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's nine-day tour of Canada will take them from bustling metropolises to small isolated communities.

So we were all wondering what a girl with an amazing wardrobe will choose during her first official visit to North America.

To keep her amazing barnet in tip-top condition, we know Kate is taking hair stylist James Pryce along for the ride. But Kate and William are packing light as far as staff goes, bringing only seven members with them.

Notably absent from their entourage is a stylist for the Duchess, as she always prefers to dress herself. The royal couple’s press secretary had originally sent out a request for a stylist, but Kate Middleton had the request retracted saying that it was ‘a waste of money’.

Wearing her fabulous wardrobe, the Duchess is a fashion icon

We do think she will be sporting previously seen outfits from her personal wardrobe on the tour of Canada. However, we don’t know what we will be seeing in terms of any new additions to her wardrobe, we are excited nonetheless to see what she picks from her already fabulous existing collection.

What is already known is that the Duchess can't get enough of is the British high street. She forgoes the designer labels that she could no doubt afford and Kate has proven that she is a down-to-earth girl with an eye for a bargain.

Going by her recent purchase of red jeans from J Brand, she is almost like the edgy princess. But we think she might go for a classic look like this pleated dress from Whistles which has a hand beaded detail at the hem. It has a high rounded neck line, sleeveless and is pulled in at the waist by a removable belt.

Hand beaded dress from Whitles that Kate might like?

Kate is the queen of the high street and a dream come true for British fashion retailers as there is a sell-out effect when she wears something accessible for us.

Remember the Shola dress from Reiss? It caused the company's website to crash and was instantly sold out. 

Wowing the Obama's in a beautiful dress from Reiss

Even the Tesco knock-off version of the Issa Sapphire dress, she worn for her engagement, sold out in an hour.

We also think she could pull off this indigo Reiss asymmetric dress with a draped skirt.

Oh to have crystal ball that could tell us what she might be wearing so we can all rush off and get there first. Tell us what you think...

Rise of a Royal fashion icon...

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