Kim Kardashian Sports Monstrous Givenchy Boots Under Kanye Surveillance

Hoping she'll become a man repeller?

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You don't have to be a fashionista to understand that egregious looking knee high boots do not go with below the knee dresses... but Kim Kardashian fell into another fashion mishap trap as she continues to follow the clueless advice from her boyfriend Kanye West.

The 31-year-old reality TV star, (yes, she should know better by now) rocked a pair of monstrosities on her feet when she stepped out in a pair of Givenchy shark lock boots, with chaps-style covers, whilst on a shopping spree in New York yesterday.

Kim, who has been dating her rapper-turned-fashion designer beau for a good few months, either took his advice on wearing the horrifying clobbers (in the hopes that she could master the art of man repelling) – or he simply didn't tell her that hefty knee high boots and loose fitting dresses are never flattering.

The only way we can see these £1000 boots working is if you're a six foot model with match sticks for legs, wearing them with a pair of tiny denim shorts and either a crop top of fitted leotard.

Kim Kardashian steps out in these Givenchy monstrosities in New York - Wenn

Kim, who was recently bullied by Kanye into binning (and ebaying!) all of her clothes because he called them ''ghetto,'' should take a glimpse at what her beau is rocking before taking any style tips (or knocks) from him.

The Good Life rapper looked utterly ridiculous in an all-crisp-white dodgy suit with trousers that looked about five sizes too big for him, complete with a matching white T-shirt and high-tops. Eek.

Kim has been taking every opportunity to don her boyfriend's shoe designs before he unveils his new collection in Paris Fashion Week this month, tweeting a snap of an usual looking cream beaded pair with trousers from her own collection.

Way to kill two birds with one stone in terms of self promoting... ''Kardashian Kollection pants with Kanye West shoes. Perfect match''

Kim tweets a snap of her Kanye clobbers - Twitter/KimKardashian

More snaps of Kim K in her ghastly Givenchy boots...

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Kanye West checks out girlfriend Kim Kardashian's cleavage while shopping in New York but fails to notice ugly cream boots, Sept 2 (SplashNews)