Kate Middleton's Luck Changing After Topless Snaps And Soloman Islands 'Dress Disaster'?

Could she be in for a frock horror too?

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She's our national treasure having never put a foot wrong in the style stakes with her stunning designer dresses from McQueen to Temperley, but is Kate Middleton's luck changing now that those topless pictures were released of her?

The Duchess of Cambridge has been tarnished with a brush of bad luck after we reported that she is said to be embroiled in another row based on appearances stemmed from the Soloman Islands, where she was forced to put on a brave face amidst the topless scandal due to the French version of Closer magazine.

We thought Kate looked elegant and tropical in a fun pink tiered dress worn during the islanders' dinner, and even though it's not something the future queen would usually wear, she reportedly felt obliged to give a nod to the native's culture.

But it looks as though Kate has made a second whopper as she accidentally wore the dress given to her by the Cook Islands, a country more than 3,000 miles away, instead of the Soloman Islands, who gifted her an array of ensembles on the night of her arrival. Whoopsy.

Kate Middleton in the offending dress attending a dinner on the Soloman Islands - Wenn

And after the fashion ''disaster'' her and Wills committed (the Prince wore a wrong shirt too, doh!) Clarence House confirmed that no offence was caused on either parties and that ''it was not learned until later in the evening that the clothes weren't from the islands.''

So now Kate's luck is changing in the public eye, what with her topless antics and wearing the wrong clothes, the DOC is yet to make her first UK appearance since touching down from her Far East Asian tour.

We sure hope Kate gets her luck back!

Kate Middleton's Far East tour wardrobe in pics!

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Kate Middleton on her Far East Tour for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - Wenn