Will Kate Middleton's Maternity Style Go Frumpy Like Princess Diana Or Fabulous During Pregnancy?

We're hoping she listens to top designers

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As fashion pro's swarm around Kate Middleton with maternity clothing advice, we've started to wonder how the DOC will cope with her biggest fashion challenge she will ever encounter as the future Queen of Britian.

Now that Kate has got a royal bun in the oven, we're looking forward to one of the best high-profile maternity fashion show the world has seen yet, and we have faith in the Duchess going above and beyond in the pregnancy style stakes.

And since Kate favours tailored and polished ensembles that cling to her petite frame, we're in for a huge royal style evolution as her belly begins to grow and those waistbelts won't fit as cosily as they used to.

So with a guaranteed curvier road ahead, certain fashion designers have come to the DOC's aid in advising her with what to wear, eschewing the frumpy tent-wearing dresses that Princess Diana and Fergie were famed for donning.

Kate shouldn't change her style too much, but needs to ditch those tight waistbelts - Splash

“She’s a princess, not a porn star. There’s no point in hiding it,” Alice + Olivia designer Stacey Bendet said in hope that Kate will embrace her growing bump.

Bendet, a mum of two, says that being pregnant made her appreciate the idea of spandex, and thinks Kate should get used to stretchy garms.

“Kate just needs to switch from wool suiting to things that are a little stretchier,” says Bendet.

“She can go with jersey dresses with a little sweater over to cover her butt. But once you have a bump, it’s cute to show it. People will be obsessed with her showing her figure.”

Kate should avoid Princess Diana's frumpy maternity wear at all costs - Wenn

On the other hand, Liz Lange, a former Vogue editor and now maternity designer, reckons pregnancy shouldn't change the DOC's style one bit.

“Kate already dresses in a way that is perfect. I want her to stay in these fitted, ladylike dresses that will show off her growing bump in a way that’s very celebratory and appropriate,” says Lange.

“It’s all about keeping it fitted. Nobody wants to see a pregnant woman teetering on stilettos, it’s uncomfortable,” she added.

Whatever happens, Kate should avoid going down the Diana road in frumpy loose fitting garms which do a terrible job of hiding a huge ballooning bump.

The DOC should listen to her style advisers along with a few fashion designers including pal Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, who surely has a few tricks up her sleeve, and shouldn't change her style too much.

We can't wait to see how Kate rocks pregnancy.

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